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Art of McSweeney’s book and dust jacket

The Art of McSweeney’s book in hand (pub 6/23). The new monograph from Chronicle Books brings together the art and design across the McSweeney’s brands in a coffee-table book format. As a retrospective of the independent publisher’s 11th or 12th anniversary, there is a focus on the cover designs for their books and Quarterly Concern journals through 2009, but there are also sections highlighting the illustrations for the Wolphin DVDs, and The Believer magazine. Aside from imagery ranging from sketches to finished product, commentary and interviews are intermixed throughout. 

Popville Pop-Up Book

Popville is a pop-up book in which each page corresponds to a moment of the city development. Some urban and landscape elements remain constant references for the growth of the city, while others simply disappear and make place to new ones. A fun book to flip through or leave out on the coffee table, you can pick up a copy for only $11 here. There’s also little video on Amazon so you can see how book looks when you flip the pages.